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Professional Backup | Protect your website

Secure your website by purchasing the professional backup service! We perform periodic backup of your website and MySQL databases.

Is the site broken? You are protected!

If following a WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS update the site should stop working, you can easily recover the version previously in use. You won't have to waste time fixing your site!

Why activate professional backup

You will have a weekly backup available which will allow you, in case of problems, to restore the site and solve the problem effortlessly, moreover:

  • Different data center

    We perform the backup in a data center located in a different country than where your website resides. This is to avoid data loss due to a possible data center disaster.

  • Numerous snapshots

    We keep four instances of your backup to ensure long-term protection. Furthermore, backups are periodically made in the disaster recovery system on offline hard disks.

Forget to renew? No problem!

Our backups remain available up to six months after the expiration of the domain. If for any reason you forget to renew your domain, you will be able to recover your site's FTP files and MySQL databases after the next domain reactivation.

Restore your website with one click

The backup recovery procedure is facilitated. You will be able to restore a specific version of your site or MySQL database with a simple click.



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