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Transfer your site | We take care of everything!

Do you want to transfer your website to dominiofaidate without wasting time copying the website and database files? We do everything ourselves at no extra cost!

If you wish, you can provide us the FTP credentials to the hosting service of your current provider, our staff will take care of transferring the site and the database.


You provide us with your current supplier's FTP details and the transfer authorization code, we do this for you:

1) We copy website files via FTP from your provider to our server

2) Let's copy the MySQL database, recovering the database access data from the site configuration file

3) Let's check the site and database configuration on the new server (php version, etc.)

4) We start the domain transfer with the AUTH-CODE you provided

5) Once the domain transfer is complete, the site will be visible without any effort

Enter the FTP details of your current hosting provider


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