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Installation and configuration

phpBB is a web platform that allows the creation of a professional forum. It has an administrative site for website content management. You can download unlimited number of graphic themes, so you can change the site's graphics every time you want in a few seconds.

Most important features of %cms-name%:

  • Creating an unlimited number of sub-forums
  • Thousands of free themes available on the net
  • Edit content through administrative area
  • User Moderation

Website preview

Photos are indicative, the actual installed CMS may not be present in the same way.

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Install phpBB

To install phpBB you need a web site with MySQL dattabase active with us. Our staff will install it on the domain and database you choose during the purchase process.

Install phpBB

Do you need

Our staff is always at your disposal for any queries. Contact us for free and not demanding support.

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