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Register or transfer your internet domain

Have you decided to create your website and now you need to buy an internet domain and a web space where to place the site? We provide you with the necessary to bring your idea online!

What is an internet domain?

A domain is the internet address that uniquely identifies a website.

Through an internet domain, you can have your website hosted on a server (hosting service), which is a computer that stays permanently on. In this way, visitors to your site, can view it at any time, from anywhere in the globe, wherever there is an internet line.

Why choose us

We are accredited registrars and certificates for the registration of internet domains, we are a company with over 10 years experience, moreover:

  • Immediate activation

    We activate your internet domain practically in real time, you just need to choose the domain name and in a few minutes it will be visible on the internet. Our prices are also low on annual renewals.

  • Professional Hosting

    You can associate a web space to your web domain where you can place files on your website. We provide low-cost professional hosting solutions that will make your site faster and more reliable.

Is it the first time you register a domain name?

The domain registration procedure is simple and fast.

The first step to registering a domain is to verify its availability. After you have verified that the domain is free for registration, you can proceed with the purchase.

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Do you need

Our staff is always at your disposal for any queries. Contact us for free and not demanding support.

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