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Become a reseller

If you are a webmaster or you have a company working on the internet, our dealership offer can be an interesting opportunity, we provide you with a full set of free tools:

Anonymous link to domain management

You can give your customers an anonymous link to access the domain's control panel without looking at the supplier's name (DFT). Each of your customers will be able to create FTP users, manage e-mail, etc.

Advanced management tools

You will be able to enjoy advanced tools such as the customization of templates for DNS and Name Servers, a very useful utility from retailers who manage web space on their own servers.

Anonymous and professional web mail

With all domains + e-mail solutions and with all hosting solutions you've included an anonymous and professional web mail to provide to your customers. Our name will be hidden and your customers will be able to access by typing a easy URL as http://mail.domain-name/

Discounted rates

For users who register more than 100 domains, we reserve a custom discount, once you reach the minimum threshold, just contact our sales support. The offer refers only to active hosting services and is not included in domain registration services without hosting.

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Our staff is always at your disposal for any queries. Contact us for free and not demanding support.

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